Exhibition Acts upon Acts

April 29 through May 20, 2004
Exhibition Hall 25
University Campus Lueneburg

With works by Maja Bajevic, Danica Dakic, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Dierk Schmidt and Simon Wachsmuth.

On Thursday, May 20 at 5 pm there is a guided tour through the exhibition with the artist Simon Wachsmuth and the Lueneburg student team of The Government.

How can we know the dancer from the dance? (W.B. Yeats)

Let's turn to dance then. A circle of women dancing in the streets might point to the fact that good governement can be judged by its effects on public life. This is how Ambrogio Lorenzetti depicted "The Good Government" in his fresco for Siena's town hall (1337-39). It was ages before Michel Foucault committed himself to study government in terms of "actions upon other actions (the actions of others)", and ages before Genova 2001. In contemporary art, dance as an action leads to the question of radical subjectivity: Now that welfare state and state socialism are defunct, what does it mean for individuals to be without the big administrative apparati. Or: What am I going to do if my city lies in ruins?

Sonja Parzefall, Sophia Prinz, Diethelm Stoller, Polina Stroganova, Wanda Wieczorek

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Source: http://dieregierung.uni-lueneburg.de/e/actions.php