Exhibition The University is a Factory

January 29 through February 12, 2004
Exhibition Hall 25
University Campus Lueneburg

With works by Martha Rosler and Allan Sekula, and film sequences by Harun Farocki and Jean-Luc Godard & Jean-Pierre Gorin.

Guided Tours
February 05, 06, 07, 08 and 12, 2004 during opening hours

In the 2nd part of The Government we propose that each display, each constellation is, in fact, an action. This lesson is indispensible both in aesthetic and political terms. A short sequence from Tout va bien (1972) by Godard/Gorin is brought into dialogue with an equally short sequence from The creators of the Shopping Malls (2001) by Harun Farocki. Each portrays the supermarket (or hypermarché) as today's privileged exhibition space and social theatre.

Martha Rosler's video Losing: A Conversation with the Parents (1976) displays an intimate situation as eavily saturated with social norms. As we are made to follow a parents reflection on their daughter's death from anorexia, we come to realize that their discourse employs the same empty gestures we revel in, while watching TV's soaps and talkshows.

For the debate about the future of the university-system (Lueneburg University, like so many other German universities, is now on strike), we expect some advice from Allan Sekula's inquiry School is a Factory (1978/80). There must be a link -- call it aesthetic form -- between the fordist technologies of education, explored by this piece, and the current crisis affecting the production of post-fordist mentalities.

Marlene Heidel, Sonja Parzefall, Sophia Prinz, Diethelm Stoller, Wanda Wieczorek

Allan Sekula's School is a Factory was generously made available by
FRAC - Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain du Centre, Orléans

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Source: http://dieregierung.uni-lueneburg.de/e/factory.php